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  1. Fuck The Tories - Hoop Earrings
  2. Fuck The Tories - Necklace
  3. Fuck The Tories - Ballpoint Pen
  4. Tories Against Humanity Mug - Charity
  5. Cunt Keyring
  6. Favourite Gobshite Birthday Card
  7. Happy Birthday Yer Crank Birthday Card
  8. Fuckoffee - Rocket Fuel In A Cup
  9. Scouse Bird Travel Mug
  10. Fuck The Tories Mug
  11. Cuntea
  12. Love, Light & Fuck the Tories T-shirt
  13. Resting Bitch Face - Ballpoint Pen
  14. Fuck The Tories Christmas Tree Bauble
  15. Crank Mug
  16. Fuck The Tories Hoodie
  17. Jesus Loves Everyone, Except You Card
  18. Fuck the Tories Glitter Tote Bag
  19. Fuck The Tories/Tories Against Humanity Hybrid Mug
  20. Fuck The Tories Fridge Magnet
  21. Thatcher Is Still Dead Mug
  22. Lady Cunt - Ballpoint Pen
  23. I Only Shit On Tories Pigeon Mug
  24. Total Book Slag Bookmark