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LFC Fan Collection

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  1. Anfield Gin - Dry 70cl
  2. Anfield Gin Strawberry Blush 70cl
  3. Kop Of Tea Mug & Coaster Bundle
  4. Kop Of Coffee Mug & Coaster Bundle
  5. Kop Of Coffee Mug
  6. Kop Of Tea Mug
  7. Scouse Charms - Liver Bird
  8. Klopp Boom Wooden Sign
  9. Mo Salah (running down the wing) Wooden Sign
  10. Liverpool back on their f***ing perch Wooden Sign
  11. Beers of Anfield Road Beer Mats - 2nd Edition
  12. Beers of Anfield Road Beer Mats
  13. Kopite Rustic Wooden Bauble
  14. Anfield Gin Miniature 50ml
  15. Anfield Gin Strawberry Blush Miniature 50ml
  16. Kopite Rustic Wooden Keyring
  17. Liverpool back on their f***ing perch Keyring
  18. Jordan Henderson Wooden Keyring
  19. Virgil Van Dijk Wooden Keyring
  20. You'll Never Walk Alone Keyrings
  21. Jurgen Klopp Keyring
  22. Mo Salah Keyring
  23. Liverpool Lullabies - Soothing Songs For Little Kopites
  24. In Klopp We Trust Wooden Sign