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EFC Fan Collection

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  1. Everton Gin 70cl
  2. Tea For A Toffee Mug & Coaster Bundle
  3. Coffee For A Toffee Mug & Coaster Bundle
  4. Tea For A Toffee Mug
  5. Coffee For A Toffee Mug
  6. Scouse Charms - Ruperts Tower
  7. I'm Dreaming Of A Blue Christmas Tree Bauble
  8. Everton Gin Miniature 50ml
  9. Dominic Calvert-Lewin Wooden Keyring
  10. Duncan Ferguson Wooden Keyring
  11. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum Keyring
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  12. Blue Nose Keyring
  13. Beers of Goodison Road Beer Mats
  14. Toblerone - Everton
  15. Chocolate - Everton
  16. Biggest Blue Evertonian Birthday Card
  17. Tea For A Toffee Coaster
  18. Coffee For A Toffee Coaster