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Kids Collection

For the mini people!

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  1. Cauldron Bath Bomb
  2. Little Devil Baby Vest
  3. Little Pumpkin Baby Vest
  4. Little Witch Baby Vest
  5. Baby Powder Bundle
  6. Handmade Wooden Children's Memory Box
  7. I Knew I Loved You Print - 4 colours available
  8. The World Is Yours Print
  9. Little Person Big Dreams Print
  10. Scouse Lad In Training Baby Vest
  11. Scouse Bird In Training Baby Vest
  12. Daddy's Bezzy Mate Baby Vest
  13. Mummy's Bezzy Mate Baby Vest
  14. Mini Me Baby Vest
  15. Personalised Princess Lidded Cup & Straw
  16. Nenuco Baby Gift Set - Pink or Blue
  17. Scouse Bird & Scouse Lad In Training Baby Bibs
  18. Nenuco Colonia 240ml Spray
  19. Liverpool Treasure Maps - 2 trails to choose from!
  20. The Adventures of the Third Liver Bird - Children's Book