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  1. Liver Bird Card
  2. Seal Of Approval Card
  3. Generous With Your Penis - Card
  4. Campione Pin & Beer Mat Greetings Card
  5. Honorary Scouse Bird Card
  6. Those Who Matter Don't Mind Card
  7. TikTok Famous Size Ten
  8. Pop Open The Prosexxy Card
  9. Hello From Liverpool (Sound v Plazzy) Card
  10. Fresh Out Of Fucks Card
  11. Swear Down, Honest To God, Not Even Messin Card
  12. Resting Bitch Face Card
  13. Parrot-dice Card
  14. Catch Flights Not STDs Card
  15. Cock Enthusiast Card (Customisable)
  16. Biggest Ever Seen Card
  17. Chin Up Buttercup Card