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  1. Liver Bird Card
  2. To My Favourite Liver Bird Foil Card
  3. Scouse Girls With Long Lashes Card
  4. Fuck Off Card
  5. Are You Drunk? Card
  6. Choice Of Fuck Card
  7. Are You Childish? Card
  8. Seal Of Approval Card
  9. Allez Pin & Beer Mat Greetings Card
  10. Pussy Pics - Card
  11. Alexa Send Wine (Colour Text) Card
  12. You're Not TikTok Famous Card
  13. Dogs are so much better than kids
  14. Crazy Cat Mum
  15. Never Too Young Card
  16. Not Starving Card
  17. Message From God, Wanker
  18. Generous With Your Penis - Card
  19. 40% Gin 60% Sass 100% Unicorn Card
  20. What Did Your Last Slave Die Of?
  21. I Used to Have Sanity
  22. Those Who Matter Don't Mind Card
  23. Honorary Scouse Bird Card
  24. Girl Boss Card