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I mean, if you're a fan of the Tories, then I'm not gonna lie, you're gonna be disappointed..

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  1. Jeremy Corbyn Socialist Santa Christmas Bauble Decoration
  2. Xmas Cunt Mason Jar
  3. Socialist Santa Mug
  4. WWJCD? Mug
  5. Live, Laugh, Fuck Off Hidden Message Sequin Cushion
  6. Original Canvas Painting- Jeremy Corbyn
  7. Fuck The Tories Hidden Message Sequin Cushion
  8. Fuck the Tories Glitter Tote Bag
  9. General Election - Christmas Jumper
  10. Camp As Christmas Christmas Tree Bauble
  11. Fuck The Tories Christmas Tree Bauble
  12. Jeremy Cunt Mug
  13. I Only Shit On Tories Coaster
  14. Poundland Thatcher Coaster
  15. Poundland Thatcher Truss Mug
  16. I Only Shit On Tories Pigeon Mug
  17. Centrist Piss Mug
  18. Fuck The Tories Fridge Magnet
  19. Never Fuck A Tory Mug
  20. Cost Of Living Money Box
  21. Fuck The Tories Keyring
  22. Fuck The Tories Hoodie
  23. Never Truss A Tory Mug
  24. Fuck The Tories Coaster