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Offensive Cards

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  1. Favourite Gobshite Birthday Card
  2. Happy Birthday Yer Crank Birthday Card
  3. Jesus Loves Everyone, Except You Card
  4. You're My Best Bitch Card
  5. Red Shite Christmas Card
  6. You're My Cunt Valentines Card
  7. Oh Shit It's Valentines - Valentines Card
  8. Tinsel Tits Christmas Card
  9. Punched Lasagne
  10. Sore Fanny - Mother's Day Card
  11. Stuffing Bird Christmas Card
  12. Tories Against Humanity Card
  13. Generous With Your Penis - Card
  14. You're A 10 Card
  15. Favourite Gobshite Christmas Card
  16. I've Been To The Clinic Valentines Card
  17. Those Who Matter Don't Mind Card
  18. List of Things I Want to Fuck Valentines Card
  19. Seasons Greetings Christmas Card
  20. Swollen Goods Card
  21. Thinks You're a Dickhead Christmas Card
  22. Fat Bitch Christmas Card
  23. Fresh Out Of Fucks Card
  24. Thank Fuck You're Leaving Card