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Food & Drink

Here you'll find all our food, drink & accessories (excluding alcohol - for alcohol click here - over 18's only)

For the perfect mug to go with your Scouse Bird tea or coffee, check out our amazing mug collection.

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  1. Liverpool Jam Company - Lemon Curd
  2. Hot Chocolate Gift Set - Christmas Mega Collection
  3. Hot Chocolate Gift Set - Classic Collection
  4. Toblerone - Scouse Queen
  5. Chocolate - Scouse Queen
  6. Scouse Recipe Tea Towel
  7. The Liverpool Jam Company - Scouse Bird Gin & Citrus Marmalade
  8. The Liverpool Jam Company - Scouse Bird Pink Gin & Mixed Berry Jam
  9. Whitley Neill Gin- Brazillian Lime
  10. Whitley Neill Gin- Aloe & Cucumber
  11. Whitley Neill Gin- Gooseberry
  12. Scouse Bird Real Hot Chocolate (200g) - Orange
  13. Liverpool Lost Dock Signature Blend Rum Miniature 50ml
  14. Liverpool Lost Dock Rum Signature Blend 70cl
  15. Liverpool Jam Company - Whiskey Clementine Marmalade
  16. The Plantable Childrens Book
  17. Anfield Gin Miniature 50ml
  18. Scouse Bird Mango, Passion Fruit & Hibiscus Gin Miniature 50ml
  19. Scouse Bird Mango, Passion Fruit & Hibiscus Gin 70cl
  20. Cuntea
  21. Rascal Gin Blood & Passion Blend Miniature 50ml
  22. Turncoat Quisling Pink Gin Miniature 50ml
  23. Turncoat Quisling Pink Gin 70cl
  24. Instant Pink Latte