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From diamond pens to the most useful and hilarious diaries such as the famous Scouse Bird Diary - here you'll find some serious stationery porn that any stationery lover will adore. Especially if they're Liverpool-based.

Whatever you're looking for whether it's a nice food diary, a gratutude journal or a gorgeous rose gold pen - call off the search.

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  1. C U Next Tuesday - Ballpoint Pen
  2. Diary Name Customisation Decal
  3. Fuck The Tories - Ballpoint Pen
  4. scousebirdprobs scousebird problems scouse bird sassy bird sassybird alternative gifts novelty gifts liverpool colouring, back to school, kids gifts
  5. Gratitude & Intention Journal
  6. Lady Cunt - Ballpoint Pen
  7. Liverpool Treasure Maps - 2 trails to choose from!
  8. Lord Cunt - Ballpoint Pen
  9. Purple Wheelie Bin desk tidy
    Sold Out
  10. Resting Bitch Face - Ballpoint Pen
  11. Scouse Bird - Ballpoint Pen
  12. Scouse Bird 2023 10 Year Anniversary All Stars A5 Diary - Day Per Page
  13. Swerve Robbin' Me Pen Sparkle Ball Point Pen