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Scouse Cards

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  1. Happy Birthday Yer Crank Birthday Card
  2. Favourite Gobshite Birthday Card
  3. Liver Bird Card
  4. Red Shite Christmas Card
  5. Its Father Christmas not Santa Christmas Card
  6. Deck The Halls Christmas Card
  7. Eeee Love A Good Wedding Card
  8. Proper Boss Crimbo Christmas Card
  9. Stuffing Bird Christmas Card
  10. Yer Me Werld Valentines Card
  11. Honorary Scouse Bird Card
  12. Wheelie Good Christmas Card
  13. Red Christmas- Christmas Card
  14. Favourite Gobshite Christmas Card
  15. Proper Fit You La Valentines Card
  16. Made Up For Yer! New House Card
  17. Best Ma In The World Card
  18. Can't Put Anything In The Bin Christmas Card
  19. You're Gonna Be A Boss Mum Card
  20. Santa Is Sound Christmas Card
  21. Multi Language (Including Scouse) Christmas Card
  22. Dad You're Sound
  23. Happy Birthday - Custom Age Card
  24. Hello From Liverpool (Sound v Plazzy) Card