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Secret Santa & Stocking Fillers - Gifts Under A Tenner

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  1. Gift Card E-Voucher
  2. The Adventures of the Third Liver Bird - Children's Book
  3. Scouse Mouse has lost his house - Children's Book
  4. Black Poppy Jelly Candle
  5. Live, Laugh, Fuck Off Hidden Message Sequin Cushion
  6. Fuck The Tories Hidden Message Sequin Cushion
  7. Scouse Bird Logo Glitter Tote Bag
  8. Soz This Seat Is For My Bag- Glitter Tote Bag
  9. Fuck the Tories Glitter Tote Bag
  10. Tinsel Tits Glitter Tote Bag
  11. Chocolate - Love From Father Christmas 360g
  12. Yer Ma Mug
  13. I Only Shit On Tories Mug & Coaster Bundle
  14. Jeremy Cunt Mug
  15. Happy Birthday Tin Candle
  16. Poundland Thatcher Truss Mug
  17. I Only Shit On Tories Pigeon Mug
  18. Kop Of Coffee Mug
  19. Chanellllll Parrot Mug
  20. Fuck Off Karen Mug
  21. Scouse Bird Bold Skyline Mug
  22. Customisable Lucky Number Mug
  23. Cost Of Living Money Box
  24. The Trail Of Change Money Box