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Scouse Bird Recommended Spanish Cleaning Products

Scouse Bird Recommended Spanish Cleaning Products

Liverpool is smelling like the Costa Del Sol lately and that's because we've binned off the Zoflora and we've fallen in love with Spanish Cleaning products - O hola a ti! 😍

One of the most common queries we get regarding the old Cleaning Products De España is "Where do I start?" and "Which ones are the best?"

Top Five Faves

Well we've put together a few bundles on the special offers page but here's my Scouse Bird Favourites bundle, i.e. the ones I've tried, tested and gone back to time and time again. The best of the bunch or lo mejor, si lo desea...

  1.  Limpia Cristales (Literally translates as glass cleaner) - it’s glass cleaner but it doesn’t smell like windolene it smells like flowers and I promise you it’s is absolutely impossible to leave streaks with it. I’ve tried just to test it.
  2. Limpiazul (Clean Blue) - it’s an all purpose cleaner and disinfectant, ie you can do floors, surfaces everywhere with it and it smells like Jean Paul Gaultier, our eternal best seller.
  3. Literally any of the fabric conditioners. Any. All fit. But my personal all time favourite is Asevi Colonia, like if I could describe clean and fresh as a smell, this would be it.
  4. Asevi Mío floor cleaner - smells divine, it'll even make you look forward to mopping, and the smell will work it's way around the whole house. It's even available in wax melts and diffusers.
  5. Puro Frescor Detergent - I actually switch up my detergents, the Gel Activo is also amazing but Puro Frescor (Pure Fresh) is our most popular by far.


Honorable Mentions

Brumol Azul Degreaser - boss for ovens and hobs, literally melts through the mess and as an added bonus, it's great for black gloss furniture.

Toilet/Intense Fragrance drops  - put them in your toilet, your bin, wherever and get a waft every time you walk past. Also, next time you're doing a deep clean and start organising your kitchen cupboards, give them a wipe down with a few drops of this inside before you put everything back in!

Get all that and more here.

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