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How to be an Eco-Babe in 2019.

How to be an Eco-Babe in 2019.

David Attenborough is an absolute National Treasure and we need to protect him and his precious little heart as much as we can because we’ve already lost Steve Irwin… still not over it.



How do we help protect wildlife and our planet as well as help ourselves and reduce the amount of chemicals we unknowingly ingest daily? If you’re from the UK and survived the 5p Carrier bag crisis of 2015 then you already know that the usage of plastic carrier bags has decreased a lot, however there’s so many other single use plastic items we use daily that we don’t even think about like coffee stirrers, coffee cup lids and water bottles.

So how do we fix this?

Stainless Steel Straws
Everyone and their mum’s know about this new roll out of paper straws at every food chain as far as the eye can see, but did you know that Stainless Steel straws can be washed and reused for as long as you want them. The best part about them is being able to keep your drinks cold during the summer, all without transferring any harmful chemicals or flavours into your fave Gin and Tonic.

Easy to clean and safe for travel or kids, they’re the perfect Eco-friendly must have for anyone. 

Foldaway Straws
A perfect stocking filler for anyone on the go, foldaway reusable straws are made from Stainless steel and food grade silica gel. Not only do they look adorable they come with their own straw cleaner folded right up inside the cutest little travel case.

Huski Cups
If you haven’t owned a travel cup then you’ve definitely seen them hanging around in the bargains aisle at literally every Asda ever..
As amazing as it is to grab yourself a little discount at Costa when you take your own cup with you, a lot of the plastic ones in shops these days aren’t free from chemicals and have a nasty habit of transferring flavours from one drink to the next.

Huski Cups are the PERFECT solution to your on the go caffeine fix, so what are they made from and why are they so different to any other travel cup? Rice husks are the brown coating found on grains of rice, also known as “Rice Hulls”. This coating is taken off the rice and disposed of during production but the only way to properly dispose of these Husks is to burn them, which is incredibly harmful to the environment and a huge contributor to air pollution. Imagine the genius who was able to turn them into a travel cup instead.. Huski Cups are made from 100% recycled materials, making them perfectly Eco-Friendly without filling your body full of toxins and chemicals.

If that doesn’t convince you of how fab they are, they’re non-slip, spill proof, durable and come in 3 gorgeous colours.

Tote Bags
You all knew this part was coming, don’t look so surprised pal.
It’s been 4 years since the UK had an actual meltdown over plastic bags, but even with the 5p bag charge the UK still uses a fuck ton of plastic bags daily, so why not just invest in a couple of totes bags? Easy to wash, easy to store and let’s be real you feel proper superior when you whip ‘em out at the Asda checkout.

Theres so many different ways to bin off single use plastic, there’s actually no reason not to anymore. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.