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Love & Relationships

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  1. Dead Boss Fella Birthday Card
  2. But You're My Twat Card
  3. Proud As Fuck Card
  4. Hunt You Down Card
  5. You're Stuck With Me Card
  6. Lick My Balls Card
  7. I Still Fancy You Card
  8. That Thing With Your Wallet Card
  9. Cherished Misconceptions Card
  10. Proud You're Mine Card
  11. Not Bored Yet Card
  12. Grow Old Together Card
  13. Awesome Couple Card
  14. Generous With Your Penis - Card
  15. Sex O'Clock Card
  16. Swollen Goods Card
  17. I Love Your Stupid Face Card
  18. I Love You More Than Taking My Bra Off Card
  19. Finkin Bout You Card
  20. Like As A Person Card (Customisable)
  21. Happy Anniversary (hostage) Card
  22. Love You Almost As Much As The Cat Card