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6 Reasons why Drawstring Makeup Bags are a game changer

6 Reasons why Drawstring Makeup Bags are a game changer

The drawstring makeup bag is going to change your life. Let us tell you why...

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 18 months you’ll have deffo seen the holy grail of makeup bags, also known as the Drawstring Makeup Bag. 

If you have actually been living under a rock though -you do you- then let me show you what the fuss is all about. 

6 Reasons why Drawstring Makeup Bags are a game changer

Less time consuming

Have you ever had about 15 minutes to get your makeup on before work and literally cannot find anything you need ‘cause everything’s been shoved back in your makeup bag? (Haven’t we all hun). Well! Just open the bag all the way to lay it flat on your desk. Makes life 10 times easier, I promise!


No Mess 

What’s even worse than not being able to find your makeup in a rush? Not being able to fit it all back again without having a fight with the zip.
Honest to god, the convenience of this bag is just unreal, once you’ve found what you need just pull the drawstring to close it back up no fuss, no mess, no lost acrylics from the Battle of the Zip 2019. 

drawstring make up bag mat pink

Easy Clean

There’s nothing worse than buying yourself a proper gorge, pristine makeup bag and then 2 days later your foundation bottle decides to give up the ghost all over the inside of the nice new super clean material. Get this though, you can just put the Drawstring Bag in the washing machine with no messin’ about. (Obv don’t try this with the sequin one, but it’s still easy to clean the waterproof inside with a wet cloth). 

Save your furniture

My fave thing about this bag is not having anymore massive makeup stains on my desk. When completely opened up, this little beauty doubles as a mat, so you can use it to put your silicone sponge or makeup brushes on while you’re applying without actually getting any product on your desk. Iconic. 



Perfect for travelling

Of course the drawstring makeup bag isn't just for at home use, it's the absolute perfect size for weekends away, or taking essential supplies to your new fella's house and from £9.99 you can't argue with the bargain.

So many different styles

The Scouse Bird Shop have got six different styles of Drawstring bag in all different colours to suit literally anyones personality. All bags come with a fold over, velcro flap to keep all you. The only question is, which one will you choose?