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Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide

So, you’re on Facebook and you realise Fathers Day is coming up (16th June, you're welcome) so you ring your dad to ask him what he wants and it goes exactly like this;

You: Hey Dad, just wondering what you want for Fathers Day?
Dad: Dunno
You: Okay well do you have anything in mind... vouchers or money?
Dad: Dunno
You: Okay well... I was just thinking, I want to get you something really nice this year so if you think of anything let me know.
Dad: …
You: Okay.. well bye Dad, love you.
Dad: OK.

Then you probably sit there for a second and try to process what just happened, but it’s fine because apparently, this is just a dad thing. Why are they the way that they are?! It’s a good job I’ve got a boss little gift guide for you, so you can see the emotionless look on your dad’s face when you give him your prezzie... 

These “I Fucking Hate People” neon mugs are spot on for the dad who hates absolutely everyone and everything except a cuppa and falling asleep on the chair halfway through a conversation. 

Don't forget a passive aggressive card too...

However, if your dad actually likes people (or you’re getting one in the bank because you wanna borrow money off him next week) these adorable “Best Dad in Liverpool” mugs and cards are such a cute little sentiment for your favourite man.

You might be thinking something more suited to a footy mad dad. (Let's talk about 6 baby, sorry not sorry). Maybe he'd like an adorable Mo Salah or Klopp on his keys

Oh wait, maybe he's a blue... but we've got that covered as well haven't we!? Have a look at these little cuties, (bet you thought we were biased didn't you?)

OR maybe just maybeeee he's not a football fan and he's a secret metal head, sorted that aswell mate *smug smile*

Okay so he's not into keyrings but he enjoys a secret pamper session every now and then. Even if he won't admit it to the lads, he loves a fab bath bomb. Let's humour him for a second and talk about these fella friendly bath bombs. I mean, we literally have one shaped like a grenade... 

What if you secretly want to buy yourself something but really need to disguise it as a prezzie for your dad? We all know that dads are just a personal taxi service, so why fight it? If you're spending so much time in his car then at least make sure it smells nice with one of these adorable carphumes. You could even get him on board with it by getting him a manly one and pretending it was 100% all for him. 

SPEAKING OF SMELLS! If you're one of the unlucky ones who still lives at home with dad and he has a serious lack of respect when it comes to the bathroom, make sure you get him one of these toilet signs so he can at least give you a heads up before you walk into a wall of stench.


Okay so if you've gotten this far down, your dad's obviously a fairly normal member of society, so let's talk t-shirts and alcohol. 

Everyone loves a good printed shirt and these amazing shirts come in unisex styles. Be honest, how boss would your dad look in one of these? 

Last but definitely not least! Check out our amazing Gin selection, whether your dad's a blue and would happily cradle this gorgeous bottle of Everton gin...

or just loves a sneaky G+T every now and then, we have an incredible range to choose from. Look how gorgeous this Three Graces gin is. 

There you go, the perfect gift guide for any scouse dad. If you haven't found the perfect gift yet, then I'm so sorry but you're gonna have to go with vouchers and watch him be fake surprised.