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Chocolate Alternative Easter Gift Guide

Chocolate Alternative Easter Gift Guide

So we're less than a week away from Easter and someone you know just dropped the bombshell that they don't like easter eggs. Instead of having a nervy b trying to figure out what to get them. Have a little nose at our Easter gift guide, we've got something for everyone. 

Bath Bombs 

If you're not a chocolate eater or you've got that one fussy person in the family who's always on a slimming world diet.. you need to win them over with our fit selection of bath bombs. We've even got ones that look and smell like different cakes so two birds one stone one sexy bath. 

If you're a nervous nelly and aren't sure about ingredients then I can tell you, these bath bombs are fab for sensitive skin because they're full of essential oils to make them smell as good as they look without causing irritation and they're full of shea butters to moisturise your skin while you're having your weekly chill out (or just need an excuse to get your kids into the bath).

Such a cute and personal touch to any Easter pressie for all ages. 


If your bird's said "surprise me" when you asked her what she wanted for Easter, for the love of god make sure you get her more than an Easter egg. 
Carphumes are the cutest pressie for any driver, especially the ones who can't be arsed spring cleaning their car but wanna pretend they have... 

Also why wouldn't she want an air freshener that smells like her fave perfume..? Or better yet, smells like your fave aftershave, it's a win win situation guys. 

Owen Drew Candles

We all know someone who hates chocolate, hates sweets, hates baths and just generally hates the world and everyone in it (Usually Nans and Mums).

Getting your hands on one of these Owen Drew candles for them would sure as shit put a big designer smile on their face I assure you. As seen in Vogue, Yes Vogue.. these fit little beauties are made from vegan soy wax and have a gorgeous wooden wick to get every little drop of wax from this sexy little soot free candle. 


Easters eggs are fun and all but do they get you absolutely twatted..? No, no they don't BUT do you know what does... GIN. Why not get yourselves a bottle of Gin to accompany you while you watch the kids kill easter during their easter egg hunt. 

From Three Graces all the way along to Parma Violet, we've 100% got your gin needs covered. 


So you're a parent, you're sitting in the living room and your teenager storms in and says "I'm too old for easter eggs eeeee" and you think, fucking wonderful there's another present I have to try and find..

We've got you covered hun. Check out or makeup range, from Pretty little Palette to Tarte Pro Palette your teenagers can't whinge about these little beauties. 


So you've got all the way down this list and realise you've got everyone elses present but not yours, well here you go ladies.. if you're going out easter weekend and wanna give yourself a fit tan, get yourself one of our fab tansies to strut around the house in. No tight cuffs, breathable and sexy as fuck. The perfect pressie for your easter self.