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How to Make Cold Brew Tea at Home.

How to Make Cold Brew Tea at Home.

There's nothing better than a cold brew coffee on a super hot day, but did you know know that cold brew tea is so easy to make at home and tastes absolutely incredible? 

Now I'll be honest, I've never actually made cold brew tea before so I was pretty surprised when it worked... so I'll give you a little step by step guide for you to try at home. 

What you'll need:
- Your favourite fruit tea.
- A Kettle 
- A teapot/jug 
- A cute glass to serve
- Frozen fruit or ice.

First of all, you're gonna need to pick your favourite tea, I went with Scouse Bird Strawberry and Kiwi fruit tea for two reasons. (Follow this link to get your hands on some)

  •  It's made with actual pieces of dried fruit so the flavours are a lot more intense.
  •  Strawberry and Kiwi are the perfect base for a refreshing summery drink

Once you've boiled the kettle, let it sit to go cold or room temperature at least. Fill up a teapot (or jug whatever you have to hand) with your tea and make sure to keep the tea bag in for the entire process. 

Leave it to one side to cool completely and then stick it in the fridge overnight (8-12 hours is perfect). For this step, I used a cute cork top glass bottle to decanter my tea into.

To serve:
Find your cutest glass, I found an adorable rose gold mason jar and filled it halfway with frozen blueberries. Any frozen fruit you have would mix perfectly with the Strawberry and Kiwi so go all out, may as well get your five a day while you're at it.
Then just fill 'er up and you'll have the most amazing cold brew tea at home. 

If you want to get fancy with it you could use your cold brew as a smoothie base or even try it with a bit of tonic water and your favourite gin. 

if you prefer a stronger flavour you could even try mixing it up a little and using two tea bags, however, I found that one teabag was the perfect strength for a 1litre bottle.

Make sure you post pictures of your finished product and show us your own cold brew creations.