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13 unicorn products you need in your life right now

From slippers to salt shakers, we've got a whole world of things to make your life that bit more 'unicorn'

Here's the top 13 unicorn products you need in your life...

Deep down inside, we are all unicorns, and I truly believe that. I don’t mean we're all walking round with giant horns on our head our anything (although some people deffo have massive dicks on theirs), but we all have that unicorn spirit, and it shines through. Just to make it shine that bit brighter, here are some unicorn products you need in your life.

13 unicorn products you need in your life right now


If you wanna skip ahead then by all means you can Shop the whole collection here!


1. Make Up Bag

For when you need to look absolutely legendary, collect all your bits and bobs in this fab unicorn make up bag. It’s great value at just £7.99!  That leaves you with plenty of leftover cash to stock up on these amazing unicorn makeup brushes, too!


2. Drink Shimmer

unicorn products unicorn shimmer

There are a range of drink shimmers just waiting for you in the Scouse Bird Shop, to jazz up your drinks. These delicious drink enhancers will make you look like you’ve liquidised a unicorn! Not that anybody would want to do that of course. Anyway, it’s only £6.99 per bottle, so treat yourself.


3. Enchanted Earphones

Blasting those sweet, sweet unicorn sounds straight into your ears, these amazing earbuds can be yours for just £7.99! Haven’t had had enough of unicorn ears? The Scouse Bird Shop also has these earrings too!


4. Keyrings


Chase that rainbow, it is ALL about those unicorns right now! You’ve never seen one? You just have to believe! There are a range of keyrings just waiting for you in the Scouse Bird Shop.


5. Enchanted Unicorn Pen

Make some mythical notes! Everyone knows that you’ll be 500% more productive with sexier stationery, right? At just £3.49 I don’t see any reason not to!


6. Inflatable Drink Holder

Make your bath times fabulous with this incredible floating drinks holder! Keep your bevvie buoyant for just £2.49!


7. Mugs

There are so many different mugs to choose from in the Scouse Bird Shop. But some of my favourite designs have to be unicorns. That’s not the end of the unicorn kitchenware, either! You can have your very own sprinkling of magic from unicorn salt and pepper shakers too!  


8. Hip flask

If you like to keep your drinking a secret - but not that much of a secret - this is exactly the hip flask for you. For those of you without a drinking problem (that’s right, both of you), there’s lots of more responsible unicorn merchandise for your food and drink too.


9. Bottle stopper

Because what believer can finish off a whole bottle of wine on their own? Well, me for a start, but this is still adorable!


10. Money box

What else is at the end of the rainbow? A pot of gold, of course! Keep your shiny pennies in this spangly unicorn money box! Ideal for saving your coins for wonderful adventures!


11. Socks and Slippers

Keep those hooves warm with these amazingly fluffy slippers that you’ll never want to take off! Even hanging around at home, you can look fab!


12. LED Light

Ermergherd. There is literally nowhere that this LED unicorn light wouldn’t go, right? You didn't know you needed one... but now you can't cope without one.


13. Tweezers

Even if you’re doing your eyebrows, you can use a unicorn’s help! Maybe a real unicorn’s horn would get in the way, so these unicorn tweezers are the next best thing! Let me know which of these unicorn products are your favourites with a comment! Don’t forget to share this article to give your mythical mates some inspo too!