Enchanted Drinks - Drink Shimmer Powder

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Glitter Pink
Baby Blue

It's taking social media by storm and we have it here. Thought water was boring? Wrong. Thought your diet coke was dull? Guess again. Thought your gin and tonic couldn't get any better? Oh honey.

These tasteless drink shimmers come in 17 different shades and make any drink as magical as unicorn poo. One bottle shimmers about 25 drinks.

All gluten free.

All allergen free.

All vegetarian and vegan (with the exception of glitter pink).

Perfect for nights out with the girls, hen do's, kids parties, baby showers... or for when you just want your Friday night to feel extra fabulous!

Things you can make:

Goth coffee - use black

Pink prosecco - use pink

Rose Gold gin - use rose gold

Copper coffee - Use copper

Spooky green Diet Coke - Use blue

Valentines prosecco - Use red

Molten unicorn gin - Use lilac

Mermaid gin - Use Turquoise