Refugees Welcome - Necklace

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  • £24.99
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Rose Gold

Throughout the refugee crisis the Tories have put all their energy into ensuring that refugees are not legally allowed to come to the UK. Even voting down (and then appealing) allowing unaccompanied children in to live with their families. We've all heard the gammony cry of "send um back". Refugees are welcome here!


The crisis has left the media, but it's still very real and funds across the sector are dangerously low. For that reason 10% of profits go to Calais Action, who help refugees in the UK and Europe.

18 inch chains. 6cm x 1cm. 2mm thickness.

Made from high quality surgical steel. 100% nickel & copper free. Surgical steel won’t rust, tarnish or irritate. Gold/Rose Gold are 18k plated. Comes with gift box.