Crystal Infused Water Bottle

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  • £25.00
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A crystal-infused water bottle is an easy way to work the healing energy of crystals into your everyday life and also they're proper gorgeous. 

The best thing about this bottle is that it's made of glass meaning it's not only healing for you but also healing for our planet.

Easy to clean with a bottle brush or just pop it in the dishwasher.

Obsidian - shields from negativity and breaks bad patterns
Jade - brings good luck, friendship, and calm in the midst of the storm.
Rose quartz - femininity, self love, attracting love, compassion & trust
Amethyst - blocks negativity and transforms into positivity, encourages creativity 

NOTE: Only glass bottle goes in dishwasher. Please hand wash the lid and crystal. Carbonated drinks may cause excessive air pressure and break the bottle, so maybe stick to still.