Loose Leaf Tea - Scouse Bird Rosé

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Scouse Bird Loose Leaf Teas are the perfect way to either perk up or wind down, depending which poison you choose.

Rosé is the essential prin drink of the Scouse Bird in summer. No warm August day is complete unless you've phoned in sick to work and you're lay on a deck chair at 4pm outside The Club House, glass of Rosé in hand, already half cut and ready to cause mayhem. That's why we've created this gorgeous blend in honour of the legendary Rosé.

This special white tea is a blend of Pai Mu Tan Teas with some Jasmine with Flowers and Rose Petals layered through the tea to give it its wonderfully natural characteristics. A lovely light tea full of flavour with a heady aroma.

With its low caffeine content whatever time of day you drink this, it'll deffo give you your sparkle back.

One of the main reasons we drink Tea is to feel relaxed. But did you know there is science to support this? One recent study noted that chronic stress disrupts sleep and blood sugar levels. This then leads to increased hunger and eating. Eventually, side effects like these escalate, leading to further disrupted sleep, even higher levels of stress and even more disrupted blood sugars. In time, this doesn’t just cause unhealthy levels of body fat but also increases the risk of type-2 diabetes.Stopping stress at the source is the potential answer. And what could possibly be more relaxing than a nice, hot cup of scouse bird rosé (non-alcoholic of course)

100g tin - 40 x 2.5g serving. Comes with silicon reusable teabag.