Loose Leaf Tea - Anne Bellini

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Scouse Bird Loose Leaf Teas are the perfect way to either perk up or wind down, depending which poison you choose.

Yano that feeling when your husband's trying to do you for Treason? Don't lose your head, because we've got the perfect blend of peach & Black tea that'll make you realise you're sick of his shit & ditch the gobshite.

Feel just peachy with our delicious, invigorating Peach Tea! This flavoured infusion, made from the finest quality China Black Tea, is an ever-popular choice of unparalleled character and charm. It contains black tea leaves, real fruit pieces, as well as beautiful sunflower blossoms makes this tea the perfect Bellini.

it'll seduce you into love and its medium caffeine level means that when those around you are losing their heads, you'll keep hold of yours!

One of the main reasons we drink Tea is to feel relaxed. But did you know there is science to support this? One recent study noted that chronic stress disrupts sleep and blood sugar levels. This then leads to increased hunger and eating. Eventually, side effects like these escalate, leading to further disrupted sleep, even higher levels of stress and even more disrupted blood sugars. In time, this doesn’t just cause unhealthy levels of body fat but also increases the risk of type-2 diabetes.Stopping stress at the source is the potential answer. And what could possibly be more relaxing than a nice, hot cup of Anne Bellini

100g tin - 40 x 2.5g serving. Comes with silicon reusable teabag.

100g refill bag - 40 x 2.5g serving.