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Scouse Bird 2024 Diary

Discover the ultimate diary with the Scouse Bird 2024 Diary. Pride of the shop and our number one flagship item, your year wouldn't be the same without it.

This A5 diary has a day per page layout, with everything you need to keep organised in style.Get ready for a year of effortlessly ticking off your daily to do lists, scheduling appointments from 8am to wine PM and staying on track with an all-new period tracker. Plus, there's plenty of space to work out your bills and all the reminder prompts you need to ensure you never miss putting the bins out or forget your wifi code. Seriously, 2024 is going to be YOUR YEAR.

Choose from our stunning crystal-themed designs, and personalise it with your name! Plus, optional matching crystal tumble stones for extra sparkle. Choose your intentions for the year with the Scouse Bird 2024 Diary.

Rose quartz is believed to possess metaphysical properties that promote love, compassion, and emotional healing. It is often used to open the heart chakra, encouraging self-love and nurturing relationships. The gentle energy of rose quartz is thought to soothe emotional wounds and bring harmony and peace into one's life.

Malachite is said to possess powerful metaphysical properties that aid in transformation and personal growth. It is believed to absorb negative energies and promote positive change, helping individuals break free from old patterns and limiting beliefs. Malachite is also associated with protection, grounding, and balancing the heart and throat chakras.

Black obsidian is revered for its metaphysical properties that are associated with protection and grounding. It is believed to shield against negativity and absorb psychic attacks, creating a barrier of energetic protection. Black obsidian is often used for spiritual cleansing, helping to release and transmute negative energies, facilitating personal growth, and providing clarity of thought and insight.

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