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This one ESSENTIAL you need to get your life together!

This one ESSENTIAL you need to get your life together!

When I first brought out the Scouse Bird Diary a decade ago I used to use a standard Paperchase diary and I would scribble all over it trying to make it into something I could actually use, which is why I made my own and TRUST ME when I say it really helps me keep on track. I always joke, if it doesn't get written on my to do list, then it doesn't get done!! 😅


So now the diaries are almost half price, it's the perfect time to grab one of these life changing bad boys and get all these fab features that you just don't get in a bog standard diary:


  • Appointments running from 8am through to winePM (9PM). Perfect for hairdressers and beauticians btw!
  • A daily to do list with tick boxes for when you finish each item.
  • A yearly planner with all the important dates marked of throughout the year - everything from the bank holidays to the races and all that's in between!
  • Space to record important stuff like your wifi code and what day you need to put the bins out!
  • Space to work out your bills and outgoings each month.
  • A daily funny quote from me to make you smile
  • Space for notes
  • Space for your social media stuff
  • Space for important phone numbers
  • A place to record you renewal dates for things like your phone and car etc 


Plus you get to choose from one of 4 ICONIC designs because this year we've brought back the 4 most popular designs from the last 10 years. I'm sorry it's dead hard to choose!


Then just to add a juicy extra bonus for you, you can now customise your diary with your name - so if you and your mates all have the same one, it's no problem anymore!